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Nankai Lecture

Nankai lecture - Nankai Lecture

Nankai lecture talk 300x209 - Nankai LectureINTO China and Nankai University invited Mr. Marwan Emile Faddoul, managing partner at Qadisha Consulting, to share his experience and insights on Chinese economy, penetrating new markets and M&A. The lecture was presented in front of students in business school.

With the overview background of the Chinese economy, Mr. Faddoul firstly sorted out the development of Chinese economy, and described the current situation from several angles. Besides, Mr. Faddoul analyzed the reasons of the rapid increase in Technology, Media and Telecommunication industry (TMT) by presenting the latest cases of mobile payment and sharing economy. Then, he indicated the enormous market and promising future in renewable energy.

After that, Mr. Faddoul introduced viable ways to start business and penetrate new markets, especially in China where he shared his own experience. He pointed out some crucial tips in terms of team management, legal environment and finance.

Within the final part of the lecture, Mr. Faddoul explained the development and trend of M&A in China and revealed the logic and reasons behind the situation. Combined with some typical cases, he formulated the reasons of its success and failure, and emphasized the procedures and main risks during M&A process. Then he put forward some specific recommendations about risk aversion and post-merger integration (PMI).

After the lecture, students raised some questions during the Q&A session and Mr. Faddoul gave them specific answers. Besides, he also made suggestions about career development.

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