About us

Qadisha Group, is an advisory and investment firm, operating in China since 2010. With our international partnerships, our work is based on a solid understanding of the leading western knowledge, side by side with traditional Chinese values. Our services are implemented through Tech industries concentrating on E-commerce/Education/ Health, New Media, SaaS/ IoT and Tech-Farming.

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Our services


Defining and analyzing existing corporate problems;

Providing long-term strategic planning;

Solving issues, creating value, maximizing growth

and improving the overall performance of the business

Internal Restructuring

Reshaping the company’s internal structure;

Handling organizational change and

offering management assistance;

Evolving company’s corporate culture


Business Development

Driving revenue growth;

Developing sales strategy and

related necessary training;

Building proper relation with the right partners

Financial and M&A Advisory

Assisting with corporate financial management;

Supporting with fund raising process;

Implementing Pre- & Post- Merger Integration plans

Our Board

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                               Marwan E. Faddoul

Mr. Marwan E. Faddoul  is a managing partner of Qadisha Group. He specializes in working with Chinese companies, with extensive experience assisting in their restructuring and expansion plans. Marwan Emile was a consultant for IBM then was a partner at WIDE a management consulting company located in Dubai, UAE. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Holy Spirit University and an EMBA in Marketing and Business Development from Bordeaux I – Sagesse University. He speaks Arabic, English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

Our Board

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                                 Feng Zhijie

Mr. Feng Zhijie is an entrepreneur specializing in establishing and running companies all over the PRC region. He is the co-founder and Chairman of DH, a leading chemical company based in Tianjin, China. Mr. Feng holds a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Shanghai University Shanghai Institute of Technology (上海应用技术学院) and an Executive MBA from Nankai University and speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.

our board

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                                  Antoine Ghafari

Mr. Antoine Ghafari specializes in providing counsel to businesses and individuals involved in international transactions. He is regularly engaged in providing services related to acquisitions and divestitures, joint ventures, and international and domestic planning. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from Saint Joseph University and an LLM from the University of Pennsylvania and speaks English, French, Arabic and Portuguese.